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‘Martina Claussen hypnotizes the listener, chains it to experimental vibrations inhabited by electro-acoustic substances, a haunted odyssey on the trail of fallen gods in search of redemption. Superb.’
Review / SilenceAndSound / Roland Torres 

‘Viennese composer Martina Claussen relies heavily on her own voice, mining it for sonic material on every track of her new album. Yet on Verwoben (German for “interwoven”), you can’t always tell her voice is there. Through editing, layering, and processing, Claussen builds sonic spaces that are the musical equivalent of blurry dream imagery. There are concrete sounds throughout these pieces too, but she consistently blends them into more inscrutable passages in ways that surprise and disorient. On the best tracks, like the spooky “Fairytale extended,” distant sounds mix with bubbling ambience, tense silence, and quick stabs of noise, as exhilarating as a horror movie and transfixing as a sound bath.’
The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: September 2020 

‘A remarkable debut electroacoustic album from the Viennese professor of voice – Claussen makes the kind of music that is impossible to ignore’.
Review / The Moderns / Kevin Press 
Solo Album / CD

FWD29 (2020)


Fair_Play #2

Fluid Ribbons
Imagine the rhythmic pattern of the human breath and voice, the sounds of a tam-tam and a synthesizer all coming together. At some point these sound sources become entangled with field recordings made on a Croatian island, which results in them interacting with each other, creating new patterns and atmospheres.

Compilation / CD

Fair_Play 2 (2018)


CD-Edition 30/4

Electroacoustic music and sound art from Austria
Compilation / CD



Singularities #4

The piece Flashback plays with different timezones, perceptions and memories that don’t quite mirror what really happened in the past. The use of the voice, music box, prepared piano and an analogue synthesizer along with an almost complete absence of effects, emphasizes an attempt to dock onto the past. This makes the memory seem more poetic than it actually was.
A collection of memories….

Compilation / CD

Singularities #4, (2017)



Inventing forgotten languages

dots & lines
As a classically trained singer I´m used to spending most of my time creating a specific quality of sound and color in my voice. The use of electroacoustic tools allows me to extend the voice into new areas of expression and to develop another sonic language for the human voice.
The piece consists only of my own voice. The voice is placed in a completely new context, alienated and possibly robbed of its identity.

Compilation / CD

OBS 056 (2015)

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