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Schon geSEEN? Robert Pravda (NL), Fågelle (SE) und Mia Zabelka (AT) treiben ihre Beats bald durch Wien. Nur noch 3 Wochen, holt euch die Tickets.#seestadt #festival #electrogenuss #experimentalmusic #soundart #festivalinwien #musikfestival #sonicterritories2019

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Mehr als 1.000 KünstlerInnen, mehr als 500 Events, mehr als 10 Locations, an 5 Tagen... Das ist das Ars Electronica Festival 2019: Out of the Box in Linz, Österreich! https://ars.electronica.art/outofthebox/de/

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8 Channel Sound Installation by Martina Claussen 2019

The composer and vocal artist Martina Claussen explores and combines the sounds of the human voice and sound objects with field recordings, analogue and digital electronics. She explores the space and the performative action and has over the years steadily developed her own distinctive style of music.


October 2019
Vienna — Sonic Territories – Festival
Bop (SE) – feat Martina Claussen
September 2019
Vienna — SOUNDS AROUND ME – Festival
The Acousmatic Project
Performance on the Vienna Acousmonium
September 2019
Linz / Austria — Ars Electronica 2019
7/9/2019  Interactions II (humans and machines)
Solo for Voice & Live Electronics
September 2019
Linz / Austria — Ars Electronica 2019
The Acousmatic Project
7/9/2019  Cri (Schwebungen II)  fixed media
performed on the Vienna Acousmonium
August 2019
Crest / France — Festival Futura 2019
24/8/2019 [connected] 1    fixed media
Supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum Paris
June 2019
New York City — Electroacoustic Music Festival 2019
22/6/2019  Cri (Schwebungen II)    fixed media
Supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum New York

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